What is BiblioCrunch.com?

BiblioCrunch.com is a platform that empowers writers and publishers to create and market their own manuscripts, completed works, digital books and bookazines. Through our platform anyone – bloggers, authors, aspiring writers, students, writers, journalists, publishers – can share their stories. We’re still in BETA so bear with us…

  • You can create all your great books online through our easy interface in any format any eReader!
  • Once you’ve written all the chapters for your book you can either post it for FREE or start SELLING.
  • You can start SHARING your book via social media so others can download your book.
  • VOTE your book to the top by sharing it with all your friends.
  • Need to hire an EDITOR or DESIGNER? Why not connect with someone in the MEMBERS community to help edit your book and design an awesome cover.
  • Register now to get started and take advantage of all our great features.

Why use BiblioCrunch.com?

  • BiblioCrunch is the place for you to write, read, and distribute your favorite books in just a few steps.
  • Create virtual bookshelves, discover new books, connect with friends and learn more about your favorite books – all for free.
  • On BiblioCrunch.com you can connect with writers, publishers, readers, editors, copyeditors, and designers to create the best books.
  • We’re also cheaper than other services that take 30% of each book sold.

How can I share my books?

  • Each book has it’s own public download page that you can share on Twitter and Facebook.

My book needs editing. How can BiblioCrunch.com help me?

  • Check out our pool of editors to help you edit and clean up your books.

I need a good book cover. How can BiblioCrunch.com help me?

  • Check out our pool of designers to help you edit and clean up your books.

What eReaders does BiblioCrunch.com support?

Currently you can download your ebooks into the following formats.

  • ePub (on iBooks, Nook)
  • PDF
  • .mobi (for Kindle is finally here! 11/14/11!)

Can I sell my books on BiblioCrunch.com?

  • You distribute your books for free or set your own price. If you set your own price we highly recommend keeping your price between $.99 and $4.99. BiblioCrunch.com takes 15% of each book sold on the BiblioCrunch.com platform.

Does BiblioCrunch.com have DRM?

  • No. BiblioCrunch.com books don’t have DRM (digital rights management). Publishers can upload their own DRM books.

Can I send books directly to my eReading device?

  • Soon!

What other distribution platforms can I distribute my ebooks on?

  • We’re planning on distributing your ebooks to the Kindle, Nook, and iBook store soon.

Are you planning on adding tools for enhanced books?

  • Yup!

How do I get in touch with someone at BiblioCrunch?

  • Email contact at bibliocrunch dot com or hit us up on @bibliocrunch on Twitter.