Upload Your Own Books

Already have your own files? A step-by-step guide on how to upload your epub, pdf, or mobi files onto BiblioCrunch.com for distribution.

1. Create an account

Before you can get started with BiblioCrunch.com you must first register and validate your account. If you never received a validation email please email contact at bibliocrunch dot com. 


Make sure you also upload a picture and some ‘About Me’ text so members of the site can get to know you a little. Members can sign up as a publisher, author, editor, designer, or copyeditor.

2. Create your Book

a. Once you’ve validated your account and signed into BiblioCrunch.com, go to the ‘WRITE’ tab to create your book and click on Add A New Book.

b. Type in the title of your book and hit SAVE.

Title your book


3. Create Your Summary Chapter

Add your chapter and title it ‘Introduction.’ Write a short description about your book in the input box.

Add Chapters

4. Publish your book with your book details.

Set a description, copyright, dedication, acknowledgements, pricing, genre, price, description, upload a cover and hit ‘Publish.’ Make sure you review our publishing agreement.


5. Start Marketing

Once you’ve published your book you can start promoting it! Every book gets a unique BOOK PAGE.

6. Promoting Your Books

Start promoting your book with our helpful guide