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  • I came across a poll in Parenting magazine the other day, which asked the question: Is it okay for couples to fight in front of their kids? Not surprisingly, 82 percent of the liars parents thought it wasn’t. And it probably isn’t. But does that mean it isn’t going to happen? Likely not. Granted, while [...]

  • Do you ever question the logic of your actions? Tantrum is a series of posts from A little about the Dadwagon team: We are journalists in New York City who are trying to make sense of the sometimes baffling, often excruciating, occasionally amusing world of fatherhood. Nathan Thornburgh is a contributing writer and former [...]

  • Viva La Crepe Whenever I’m in the Union Square vicinity craving something sweet, I feel like my choices are either Max Brenner or…Max Brenner. A few days ago after dinner in the area, my friends and I were trying to figure our game plan for dessert and we just as easily gave up and began heading [...]

  • Looking for delicious places to eat post-meal on your next NYC trip? Look no further! We bring you the best desserts in NYC from A little bit about Beauty and the Feast! As you can probably already tell, this is a blog with an unconventional mix of themes: beauty and food. The short version [...]

  • We were always in the Maho Beach area of the Dutch Side. Cheaper, great beach, fun shopping (both super expensive, and on the next street over (little more ghetto) its the chinatown kinda shopping). And there’s no/very little tax! If you’re looking for jewelry or watches head over to Little Europe Jewelers (they have two [...]

  • Sight Seeing! Places you want to check out! St. Peter’s Square/Sistine Chapel/Vatican Forum Colosseum Piazza Venezia Fontana di Trevi Piazza Navona Spanish Steps Pantheon Piazza del Popolo Castel Sant’Angelo Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Folks like to go here to see the Bocca della Verita from Roman Holiday. You will most likely get a map [...]

  • The quick and dirty travel guide for Paris travel if you’re going for just a few days.
    Chez Prune Address: 36 rue Beaurepaire- Quai Valmy Paris 10e- Metro Stop: Metro République The Quick and Dirty: It is located along the canal St Martin  in front of the footbridges. The food is yummy with traditional combined with [...]
  • MUSEUMS   Louvre and Jardin Tuilliers: The Louvre is HUGE. You may want to just do part of it, and save more for another trip. Palais de Tokyo (13, avenue du Président Wilson, Paris 16e) Metro Iéna Contemporary art. Interesting exhibitions (check the website to see the current exhibition when you are there) Located in a…[Read more]

  • SHOPPING Department Stores Galeries Lafayette (40 boulevard Haussman Paris 9e) Metro Opera or Chausee d’Antin Nice historical department store, great dome ceiling inside` Le bon marché  and gourmet deparment store La Grande Epicerie (38 Rue de Sevres, Paris 7e) Metro Sevres Babylone Check the gourmet store there. You shoudl get a pastry there…[Read more]

  • PRACTICAL INFO Transportation : RATP check this link which is the link for touristical website. Once you get in Paris, just go to a RATP desk and you might want to get a ticket for the week so that you can travel as much as you want in Paris (which is zone 1 &2 , be [...]

  • Sightseeing: The whole Chanps-Elysees, Place de la concorde, Jardin des tuileries, Musee du Louvre is definitely worth it. Nice walk, the louvre is amazing but too big, choose a few galleries and don’t overdo it. It’s crowded and exhausting. There are a few nice cafes / restaurant actually in the Jardin des tuileries. Another area not to [...]

  • wrote a new blog post: Greening It 11 years, 4 months ago

    How Greener IT Can Form a Solid Base For a Low-Carbon Society EDITORS: ADRIAN T. SOBOTTA IRENE N. SOBOTTA JOHN GOTZE Copyright 2009 The GreeningIT Initiative CCAttribution Non-CommercialShareAlike This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License v3.0. To view a copy of this license visit:…[Read more]

  • Forbidden love, muslim romance. Qaas and Laila were two star crossed lovers. Qays ibn al-Mulawwah ibn Muzahim, was a  Bedouin poet. He fell in love with Layla bint Mahdi ibn Sa’d (better known as Layla Al-Aamiriya) from the same tribe. He soon began composing  poems about his love for her, mentioning her name often. When he asked for [...]

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    Test Book