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  • “Smith invokes both Stephen Hawking and Edgar Allan Poe … a successful marriage of bold imagination and finely-crafted details, which results in a chilling page-turner.” —Rainbow Dragon Recommends

  • “A stunning piece of work.” —Kim Mohan, editor, Amazing Stories

  • “A chilling story of three dinners in the same place and time, and a very satisfying ending made this another A++ story .” —Fantasy Book Critic

  • “The claustrophobic atmosphere of this tale heightens its devilish suspense and draws favorable comparisons to Poe’s tales of trapped, desperate protagonists.” —Tangent Online

  • “A neat twist on time travel and quantum physics.” —Publishers Weekly

  • “Another standout is the masterful “State of Disorder,” which contemplates the flexibility and fluidity of time.” —Ideomancer Magazine

  • “My favorite in the book. It’s a touching story, but a little creepy too.” —Goodreads reviews

  • “A creature-hunter tale that kept me guessing until the very last paragraphs. I was on edge throughout the whole story!” —Melissa Minners, Global Pop Culture reviews

  • “The story deals with the Y2k bug, and although that might seem dated now, the story is not, since its ideas continue to be relevant today.” —Bibliopolis

  • “Douglas Smith showcases his talent for creating strong characters who are believable and sympathetic—even when they inhabit an absurd world. That world is painted vividly with efficient brush strokes as Smith expertly weaves between Murphy’s misadventures on board the Fiscal Restraint and Dex’s retelling of the same to his captive audience at The…[Read more]

  • “I liked the style and subtleties of the storytelling that kept me firmly on the edge of my seat. … The characters were what really impressed me, though–by a few lines into meeting each one you had a clear and definable presence in your mind.” —SF Crowsnest Reviews

  • “…would make a great movie…a unique, post-apocalyptic blend of The Road Warrior and X-Men. … It was very well done.” —Tangent Online

  • “…a wonderful example of the places this author is unafraid to go.” —SF Crowsnest Reviews

  • “…has echoes of Stephen King wandering about its post-apocalyptic narrative.” —Quill and Quire

  • “…again shows off Smith’s flair for the cinematic. … In his preface to the story, Smith announces his plan to write a novel about the Dead Man…I do look forward to reading it.” —Strange Horizons

  • “All that you want in a sf short story is here from powerful characters, to action, mysterious happenings, and a dark, violent, but excellent tale. … A bittersweet ending adds to the power of the story. (A++)” —Fantasy Book Critic

  • “Fast-paced…with a clever puzzle.” —Tangent Online

  • “A darkly amusing look at what can go wrong when humans use alien technology they don’t fully understand.” —infinityplus

  • “…reads very, very well in the traditional derring-do of sf adventures … shows the scope of the author’s range and another favorite of mine in Chimerascope (A+)” —Fantasy Book Critic

  • “A clever story whose protagonist is as reliant on her innate curiosity and fondness for puzzles as her intelligence. It provides added depth that one can miss in short fiction.” —Tangent Online

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