Publishing Agreement

Please read the following publishing agreement carefully. They apply to you when you use the BiblioCrunch services to publish ebooks. If you do not agree with the terms you should not use the services. BiblioCrunch reserves the right to update the terms with or without noticing you. The date of the last update will be at the end of the terms. BiblioCrunch reserves the sole right to change, eliminate or modify the terms and conditions and to adopt additional rules and regulations in it’s sole discretion.

1. You represent this written work does not violate BiblioCrunch’s Terms of Service and you either own all copyrights to this work or are authorized by the copyright owner to publish it on BiblioCrunch.

2. You authorize non-commercial distribution, with attribution, of limited samples of your work, per the sampling percentage you have specified above.

3. IP ownership & Maintenance
To submit to BiblioCrunch, the work has to be original or the content and IP ownership (including copyright, patent, trademark, or other intellectual property) is owned from other means such as inheritance or through purchasing. It is the writers or copyright owners responsibility to maintain their own IP. Writers or copyright owners agree to indemnify and hold harmless BiblioCrunch from and against any third party claims, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, for all claims of copyright infringement.

4. Non-exclusive publishing
When publishing through BiblioCrunch, writers, publishers, or copyright owners grant us a non-exclusive license. BiblioCrunch is authorized to publish the submitted work in digital format, and allow readers to read online or download to their computer or eReader devices or on their mobile devices.
The writers, publishers, or copy right owners can publish works through other channels or services at the same time. However the work cannot be under any form of exclusive agreement with any other party such as publishers, agents, or distributors.

5. Royalty
BiblioCrunch provides royalty sharing with writers, publishers, or copy right owners. The revenue sharing percentage is 85/15. That is to say, writers, publishers, or copyright owners earn 85% of the revenue generated from their books. BiblioCrunch only keeps 15% to cover processing and hosting fees as well as affiliate costs so that writers, publishers, or copyright owners can enjoy free set up and book processing services. BiblioCrunch will make the payment to writers through Paypal. Paypal may take different transaction fee or currency exchange fee. This cost won’t be covered by BiblioCrunch. BiblioCrunch reserves the right to change the royalty policy and percentages at any time.

6. Pricing
2. You authorize BiblioCrunch, Inc. to publish and distribute your work on and partner sites, per the pricing terms you set when you hit ‘Publish.’ Writers, publishers, or copy right owners keep the right to price the books or chapters. The revenue will be calculated based on the readers’ use and payment for the paying content.

7. Tax
Writers, publishers, or copy right owners are responsible for paying all applicable taxes associated with the use of the BookieJar services. Sales tax may be applicable, depending upon local and state regulations.