Radio Nowhere

Radio Nowhere
Romance, Science Fiction
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By: Douglas Smith

Aurora Award Finalist
On the anniversary of his wife’s death, Liam makes a startling discovery. The particle accelerator experiments that he is conducting for the university are capable of opening a window back in time. Can he tune that window to the night his wife died? Can he actually go back in time to save her?
But what of the strange radio broadcasts he keeps hearing? Broadcasts that warn that changing the past could produce a very dark future for the world—or no future at all.
How much is Liam willing to risk to bring back the only woman he ever loved?
Note: includes an afterword by the author and excerpts from many of his other stories

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One Review to “Radio Nowhere”

  1. Avatar of BiblioCrunch
    BiblioCrunch November 18, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    “My favorite in the book. It’s a touching story, but a little creepy too.” —Goodreads reviews

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